What We Do
Awareness & Education
For Schools, Colleges, Mental Health Professionals, Government Entities, Communities and Corporations.
Host Workshops
We offer workshops on mental health, suicide prevention, and LGBTQIA+ equality, covering Crisis Intervention, DEIB, Resilience, and Suicide Prevention.
We partner with companies, schools, and government agencies to provide long-term training and support.
Our Peer-to-Peer Support Programs empower individuals with a supportive network and practical tools for mental health recovery, focusing on resilience, stress management, and peer-led support groups.
Suicide Prevention Training
Our Suicide Prevention Training (SPT) equips professionals with essential skills to identify and intervene in suicide risks. CEUs available, incorporating real-life scenarios and lived experiences.
Curated Programs
We offer custom programs tailored to the unique needs of mental health professionals, companies, communities, schools, and government agencies.
Mental Heath Education
What We Offer

We’re committed to dismantling mental health stigma through education, resilience training, and integrating lived experiences. Our programs cover early identification of mental health concerns, addiction, suicidal ideation, managing depression, and gender identity issues. We offer Mental Health Crisis Training, Crisis Intervention Training, DEIB sessions, Resilience Training, Peer-to-Peer and Suicide Prevention Training. We aim to empower individuals, including youth, young adults, adults, and seniors, to live fulfilling lives and provide education for mental health professionals, government entities, communities, schools, and corporations.

Program Offerings.

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip youth, young adults, adults, and seniors with the skills and knowledge necessary for mental health and wellness.

Mental Health Crisis Training (MHCT): is an 8-hour course to manage and respond to mental health crises. CEUs available.

Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT): 40-hour program improving law enforcement's responses to mental health crises.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB): Our 1-to 2-hour mental health-focused sessions promote DEIB principles with insights from individuals with lived experience, focusing on LGBTQ+, Transgender, Native American, AAPI, and BIPOC communities.

Resilience Training (RT): 1-2 hour sessions building resilience through coping strategies and stress management.

Suicide Prevention Training (SPT): 1-4 hour sessions on suicide prevention strategies and intervention techniques. Includes lived experience perspectives. CEUs available.

Peer-to-Peer: Our Peer-to-Peer Led Support Groups provide a safe space for individuals to connect and share experiences, fostering mutual understanding and support. Facilitated by trained peers with similar lived experiences, these groups empower participants to build resilience and community together.

Each program is tailored to meet specific needs and target audiences, ensuring impactful and meaningful learning experiences.

Lived Experience Presentations

We provide Lived Experience Perspective Presentations as part of our educational offerings. These presentations feature individuals who share their own unique journeys dealing with mental health conditions, offering attendees invaluable first-hand insights. The goal is to humanize the struggles and triumphs associated with mental health, thereby reducing stigma and encouraging a more empathetic and informed community.


We offer peer-to-peer workshops designed to empower individuals in their mental health journey. Conducted in an interactive and supportive environment, these workshops focus on equipping participants with actionable strategies for stress management, emotional intelligence, and overcoming life's challenges. Through a blend of expert-led presentations, group discussions, and practical exercises, attendees gain the tools they need to build resilience and navigate adversity more effectively. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain mental well-being and thrive in various life situations.
Meet The Team
Who We Are
Meet the members that make all of this possible.
Torri Shack
CEO/ Founder
Chloe Longfellow
Sonny Patel
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Raphael McDonnell
Vice President, Board of Directors
Dr. Shahla Modir
Advisory Board Member
Kate Bunina
Secretary, Board of Directors
Cyn Gomez
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Amanda Hartman
Grant Writer & Director of Institutional Giving
Susie [수지]Reynolds Reece
President, Board of Directors
Sara Clow
Director, Program Development
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