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June 3, 2020
student, activist, and mental health advocate-Cyn Gomez

Cyn Gomez is a student, activist, and mental health advocate. Join Tangible Movement in discovering their struggles, achievements, motivations, and the journey that ultimately led them to become a Tangible Movement ambassador.

Cyn Gomez is a student, activist, and mental health advocate. Join Tangible Movement in discovering their struggles, achievements, motivations, and the journey that ultimately led them to become a Tangible Movement ambassador.

  • How did you get involved with Tangible Movement?

I got involved with Tangible Movement through a NAMI training last summer! I had the opportunity to learn more about mental wellness and being a part of my school's NAMI club, I sought the opportunity. Through this, I got to speak to Torri, and because they are LGBT and I am too, I reached out to them. I hoped to connect with Torri to have them speak for my school's GSA club, and they agreed! With the scheduling of having Torri speak for my GSA club, I got to know them better! After they spoke to my club, Torri wanted to interview me on my experience being LGBT, struggling with my mental health, and being a huge advocate for these causes. The interview was kind of my time to prove myself and Torri wanted me to be a youth ambassador for TM and it was an AMAZING opportunity - I couldn't turn it down! Now I'm a youth ambassador for the non-profit and I am so proud to be!

  • Why are you passionate about promoting mental health?

I'm passionate about mental health and the promotion of mental wellness because I have experienced how detrimental an unhealthy mind can be. I have struggled with unhealthy eating habits, self-harm, and bad self-image, all of which greatly harmed my mental well being. Since I have experienced how horrible one can feel when their mental wellness is suffering, I hope to educate others on how one can recover, overcome, and improve their own mental health because I have done so! Also, I believe there isn't enough discussion surrounding mental health right now, so, what better than to take it upon yourself to learn about others' struggles and speak alongside those who struggle? There is strength in numbers and I believe it is all of our jobs to speak on mental health and the stigma surrounding mental illness. It is okay to struggle, everybody does; what isn't okay is to struggle alone and in silence.

  • Please share about the work you have done on behalf of Tangible Movement. Which experiences have you enjoyed most?

On behalf of Tangible Movement, I have participated in the 320 Festival for mental health and that by far has to have been my favorite experience! It allowed me to promote the discussion surrounding mental health, learn from experts, and share what the modern teenage struggle with mental health consists of. It was an amazing speaking engagement and allowed me to get my footing in the mental health realm of influence! I hope to continue to work with TM on great opportunities like these in the future!

  • How did you discover the Footlocker virtual prom? How did you get involved?

I discovered the Footlocker Prom through a teacher of mine who nominated me! After I had received the nomination, my job was to speak on what it is currently like to be a senior among the COVID-19 outbreak. It was a great opportunity to show others what it has been like, in a time of depression, anxiety, and hysteria when teens are struggling. That is not to say that there aren't many others struggling far more than the graduating class, making it difficult for us to wallow in self-pity and leaving the Class of 2020 feeling helpless and struggling. I got to speak on the reality of the situation and was able to promote positivity among a saddening time in our world's history. As a member of the prom court I was granted the platform to speak on our collective experience and got to attend their virtual prom!

  • Why is it important to you to win prom king?

Winning prom king at Footlocker's Prom event was extremely important to me because as a non-binary person this would be something unprecedented for my community! So, this meant I could be a role model for those of the next generation, running for prom king was something I had to do for those LGBT kids of the next generation. It was also a personal victory because my girlfriend and I were going to run for prom this year, but sadly we didn't have our prom, so this was the next best thing! We were going to be the only LGBT couple running for court and were hoping to make our school's history, but I was granted a similar opportunity through Footlocker!

  • Have you ever struggled with your own mental health? If so, what are your coping mechanisms and what advice would you give to those who have suffered in the ways that you have?

As I've mentioned before, I have struggled with body image, dysphoria, self-harm, and unhealthy eating habits. I have done a lot of work on myself to work towards healthier coping mechanisms and an improved mental state. I have developed healthier coping mechanisms like reading, running, and writing. All of these have allowed me to either gather my thoughts and emotions or allows me to expel them in a more healthy and productive way! Of course these work for me and that might not be the same for others, so I would suggest allowing yourself to experiment with exercise, meditation, and arts because there is likely going to be something unique to you that helps you cope and that's amazing! Some may not yet be on the road to recovery and that's okay, everyone goes at their own pace towards such a feat. I would like to share a couple things with those who are struggling as I was.

  • You are not alone. Although that phrase is such a cliche it's true, although you may not feel it now, people care about your wellbeing.
  • Please reach out when you're ready, whether to a friend, family member, school administrator, etc. Having someone knowing what is going on can allow you to have a support system that can help you through the hard and helpless times.
  • You are doing your best within current circumstances, I along with many others, are proud of you for that. Thank you for persevering.

Tangible Movement is grateful to Cyn for participating in this interview and for their continued partnership and dedication to our mission. We are so proud of you for winning Prom King!

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