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December 2, 2019
We're Totally (Not) OK Podcast Features Tangible Movement!

We're Totally (Not) Ok Podcast featuring our Executive Director Torri Shack. Torri Speaks about her own personal challenges with depression, addiction, suicide, bipolar II and personal Relationships.

We’re Totally (Not) OK is a podcast about the intersection between mass media culture and mental health, hosted by Canadian actors Caleigh Le Grand & Tanya Bevan. Recently, they brought Tangible Movement Founder and Executive Director Torri Shack on as a guest to discuss the connotations that rear their weird heads in dialogues about mental health and mental illness, and how she shifts her position within said conversations from one that is affected by them to one that is affecting them. She speaks about her personal challenges with depression, addiction, suicide, bipolar II, and personal relationships, and how she came to form a movement that supports the education, awareness, recovery and wellness of those dealing with similar matters. You can listen to the podcast featuring Torri here, and find all We’re Totally (Not) OK episodes here.

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Lets Talk: Mental Health In the Asian Community

Torri Shack

Join us as we chat about Mental Health in the Asian American community. All proceeds will benefit Tangible Movement Non-profit.About this EventWe'll be discussing mental health in the Asian American community and the stigma behind it.The Facts:Cultural factors, such as language, age, gender, and others, can influence the mental health of Asians, particularly immigrantsTraditional (adhering to native values) Asians place great value on the family as a unit. Each individual has a clearly defined role and position inthe family hierarchy and is expected to function within that role, submitting to the larger needs of the familySocial stigma, shame, and saving face often prevent Asians from seeking behavioral health careAsian patients are likely to express psychological distress as physical complaints.

Torri Shack

Tangible Movement is proud to present our 3rd Benefit Concert for Mental Health featuring The NOSTGMA Band. The event will also feature "Survivor Testimonials" Date of event: 2/22/20.
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