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Empowering Youth: How Tangible Movement's Resilience Training Prepares Students for Life's Challenges

Welcome to a new horizon in mental health empowerment for high school students. Tangible Movement's Resilience Training Presentation is a beacon of hope and strength in a world of unpredictability. Today, let's dive into why resilience is not just a buzzword but a crucial life skill that every student should master.

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9 Tips to Strengthen your mental health in 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 was a difficult year to predict, that took the entire world by surprise, exposing the best and the not so positive, depending on the case, of the human being. However, from this peculiar conjuncture, there are some key issues that will have a lasting impact on daily life, professional, personal and home relationships for 2021.
TM Fundraiser to be held in Sydney Australia!

Tangible Movement fundraiser in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 9/25 @ 2pm
Donation to the Clare Foundation

Tangible Movement just made a donation today to sponsor an individual's sober living costs at the #ClareFoundation 🙌
We had a fantastic time talking to the students of Dorset Primary In Australia about social media and bullying.

Dorset Primary

We had a fantastic time talking to the students of Dorset Primary In Australia, about social media and bullying. See what the students had to say about our visit in their newsletter:
Living with Virtual Fatigue

Juliana Collins

in a time of physical isolation, confusion, and an incredible variation of other stressors, communicating with our loved ones is especially important, but what to do when more time at home means using those modes of communication (phones, computers) for work? For school? Or to just relieve pure boredom? Or to keep up with the changes that our society and world faces each day? When “normalcy” is absent, new boundaries most likely have to be implemented, even with those we love most.
Hispanic Heritage Month: Focus on Latinx Mental Health 9/15-10/15

Teresa Chapa, PhD, MPA

Raising awareness about the needs for mental healthcare for and among Latino communities alone is not enough. We must turn awareness into knowledge and knowledge into actions.
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